Hair & Makeup for Engagement Photo Shoot

Congratulations on your engagement! Love is in the air! You want to capture this beautiful moment and show the world how much you are in love. Now days, engagement photos are almost as important as wedding photos. You will be able to use your engagement photos to share your announcement with your friends and family, add a personal touch to wedding invitations, and treasure your precious memories. Some brides prefer to hang more engagement photos and fewer wedding photos in their house! The most common reason is because the engagement photos are romantic and closer to what the couple look day to day. An engagement photo shoot is an opportunity to capture an incredibly special time in your life together and the love you share – and that deserves to be celebrated.

Makeup and Hair for Engagement photoshoot Sydney
Makeup and Hair for Engagement Photoshoot
Engagement Shoot with Makeup and Hair by Olga Gill

Is it Worth Hiring a Professional Hair and Makeup Artist for an Engagement Photo Shoot?

YES! When your hair and makeup is done professionally, it will withstand all weather conditions and last longer. This is really important when you are doing a photo shoot that lasts a few hours and could involve several outfit changes. Makeup shows differently on camera, and professional makeup artists understand how to create a look that is camera ready. Having makeup and hair done professionally can boost your confidence, which reflects in your photos.

An engagement photo shoot is a great opportunity to get comfortable with the hair and makeup artist you are thinking about using on your wedding day. Your engagement makeup and hair will most likely be different to your bridal look, but you will be able to get to know your makeup artist and get a taste for their skills and style.

I did Sanduni’s hair and makeup for their engagement shoot. We opted for a more natural makeup look to highlight her beautiful features.

To look your best for the photo shoot as a soon-to-be-wed couple, keep these essential makeup tips in mind.

Set the Foundation

During the photo session, it’s very likely that you will take up a few poses that require you to place your face close to your fiancé’s – with, for example, your head resting on his shoulder. To make sure that each pose doesn’t leave an imprint of your foundation on your beloved’s shirt, ask your makeup artist to use a setting spray. You will be thankful for the amazing way it keeps your makeup fresh, and free of shine and smudges.

Kiss-Proof Lips

Another popular engagement shoot pose is, of course, you and your man stealing a kiss. As with the foundation, you don’t want your lip colour disappearing. A good lipstick sealer will let you kiss to your heart’s content without smudging colour onto your teeth or leaving a trail of telltale lip marks on your partner’s face or collar.

Have a Standout Feature

You still want to look like you. Keep your look natural, and don’t highlight all your features at once. If you love a smoky eye, keep the lips more neutral. If you love bold lip colour, keep the eyes lighter and more classic.

Let Your Love Shine

Have fun, enjoy yourself, and let your love and inner beauty shine through.