Bridal Makeup for Scenic Beach Wedding

Ocean Whispers Styled Shoot

Photography: Wild & Grace

Makeup and Hair: Events Makeup by Olga Gill

“Inspired by powerful ocean waves, soft light and a jagged New Zealand coastline “Ocean Whispers” was born. We wanted everything to look airy, filled with soft natural hues, set against a backdrop of rocks; Te Arai – our favourite beach – provided the perfect canvas for us to create magic. It was one of those days when nature showed us some character, we had wind, showers and a golden sunset that transformed into a matte pastel dusk to end the day. It’s a perfect colour combination for brides who prefer a soft and elegant look with a gentle touch of nature.” –  Wild & Grace Photography

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Tips for Wearing Makeup at the Beach

It really doesn’t get any more beautiful and romantic than a beach wedding. The warm sunshine, fresh salty air and scenery may be the very reasons why you chose nature’s backyard for your picturesque ceremony. To ensure that you look stunning, here are a few tips for your makeup to be long lasting, so it does not melt under the sun. For a bronzed, carefree, beach-appropriate wedding makeup start with sunscreen.

Foundation: use a foundation that is sheer and beach-appropriate. A light textured, water-resistant foundation does not “cake” on the skin.  Heavy foundation is a no-go at the beach – you would end up looking overdone.

Bronzer: a powdered bronzer is great for everyday use, but at the beach it is likely to get cakey from all the sea, sand, and sun. Instead, try a small drop of water-resistant foundation that is a few shades darker than your usual skin-tone. This will give the same natural and glowing effect, but not wash off.

Blush: go with a creamy blush. Apply lightly to the apples of your cheeks and work outward toward the hairline.

Illuminator helps achieve that glowing dewy skin. Apply illuminator to areas of your face where the sun hits.

Eye Makeup: choose a waterproof version of your favourite mascara and liner.

Lip colour: for a natural beachy look, choose a colour that closely matches your own lip colour. Use a lip stain or tinted balm It lasts a lot longer and won’t smudge.

To finish and seal your makeup use a waterproof setting spray.